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Anonymous asked:

where the fuck did you put my unicorn! one second he was eating marshmellows and the next hes gone! you took him! DID I TELL YOU TO TAKE HIM? no, but you did. hoe. stupid. hoe. WERE IS HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he left you. he didn’t liek you. i did no such thing. hoe. stupid. lonely. unicornless. hoe.

  • America:

    12 people died in Colorado.

  • Everyone:

    OMG that's so sad, forever reblog, so tragic, they didn't deserve it, we should make this trend on Twitter<3, etc...

  • Burma:

    25,000 died because of genocide.

  • Everyone:

  • Africa:

    Millions are dying.

  • Everyone:

  • Afghanistan:

    Thousands of people are dying because of the war.

  • Everyone:

  • India:

    Sikhs and other minorities suppressed and killed by the Indian Government on a daily basis

  • Everyone:

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